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You can make good use of glitch Photoshop actions if you need to add something unusual to your portrait photos with creative elements or if you want to create catch advertising to draw viewers’ attention to products, e.g., a brand-new drone. Glitch effect actions can totally change the lighting patterns and make your pictures unique.

Since actions are recorded image editing processes, you don’t have to do anything manually. Just run the glitch effect action you like and wait several seconds while it automatically creates the desired layers and alters colors. All collections listed below are supported by the latest Photoshop versions as well as older versions such as Photoshop CS5, CS6 and above.

Business Intelligence is dedicated to helping businesses of all scale enhance their digital footprint, and that includes creating awesome digital content to share on your website and social media. The following post is one of a 5-part series of guest posts from FixthePhoto, an image-editing software with whom we collaborate. 

How to Install and Apply Actions in Photoshop

Take the following steps to install glitch effect Photoshop actions:

  • Download the actions on your computer. Open “Windows – Actions”. Alternatively, you can hold down Alt/Options + F9.
  • Open the additional menu on the right and find the “Load Actions” tab.
  • Select the desired actions in the folder and import them into Photoshop. Ready! Apply any action by pressing the “Play” button, which is located in the top right corner of the menu or at the bottom of the Actions panel.

Using glitch actions, you can create unique color space noises in your photos and even combine them to create extraordinary effects and wow your Instagram audience. These actions will be especially useful if you are creating an offbeat, modern advertisement or artistic interpretation. However, it is worth mentioning that you can’t use these filters in Ps mobile version.

Free Photoshop Actions

This free collection contains a number of glitch actions that you can use to make custom light breaks in your photos, add multi-colored interference and color overflows in one click. You can combine several actions for original effects and make customizations. Also, to get the most out of every action and receive a realistic outcome, I recommend using these tools for photos taken in good lighting conditions.

Glitch Photoshop Actions 

With this premium collection of glitch Photoshop actions, you can create artistic illustrations with glitch, split, light fracture, and retro effects. This package includes 25+ unique glitch effects that you can use as a basis for experiments. The effects come in a variety of hues, so it’s easy to find the right color glitch for your photo.

Double Exposure Photoshop Actions

You have probably seen covers of musical albums or illustrations by contemporary artists made with the double exposure technique in mind? This effect is close to glitch and will help you create unusual mixed photos by combining a silhouette photo and a fill photo into one image. Such manipulations typically result in an abstract illustration. Moreover, in addition to this effect, you can apply a standard glitch action with glitches or noise in the color profile.

Dispersion Effect Photoshop Actions

The dispersion effect resembles the glitch bifurcation a lot. By applying these 3 glitch effect Photoshop actions, you can achieve an interesting outcome with any part of a picture being “scattered”. This is typically applied to hair or a piece of clothing.

For example, this action will give a terrific result if you apply it to a fluffy dress, when a person in a photo is captured while jumping. Make sure to apply it to the edges of the dress. The bundle also includes 23 different Photoshop brushes with unique settings for more precise dispersion.

VHS Photoshop Actions

VHS actions combine the effects of double exposure and glitch interference or splitting. This is an interesting combination of lighting styles that allow you to get very creative pictures. The kit includes 20+ actions with various light bending elements, design overlays, and color space shifts.




Can I use the purchased collections as long and as frequently as I need?

Yes. If you buy a collection of actions, you can use it without any limitations concerning time and frequency of use. What’s more, you can share your glitch actions with colleagues or loved ones.

What should I do if I bought actions and can’t install them?

If you followed all instructions on installing and using glitch effects at the beginning of the article, and you still can’t apply them to your images, you are likely to have an old Photoshop version. To fix this problem, you just need to visit the official Adobe website and download or update your software.

Can I use actions in batch mode?

No, this feature is initially absent in Photoshop. Therefore, the only way to apply glitch effect Photoshop actions to your photos is to do it sequentially. Fortunately, you need to wait approximately 30 seconds to see the resulting effect in images, so you can edit a pack of photos rather quickly.

Can I overwrite or re-edit photos after applying glitch actions?

Yes, all actions can be modified at any stage. The main thing is to wait until the running action is applied to avoid possible errors and crashes in the program.

Is the action library saved if I exit Photoshop?

Yes, by loading all actions in Photoshop once, they will forever remain in the root folder, so you can run them after reopening the program.

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