Combating the Uncertain Business Landscape by Optimizing Your Business Model

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Business Intelligence Podcast
Business Intelligence Podcast
Combating the Uncertain Business Landscape by Optimizing Your Business Model

We’re back for season 3 and diving right into the current business landscape and some of the strategies we’ve seen clients successfully implement to navigate the uncertainty. The tumultuous economic situation, supply chain difficulties, inflation, and continued ripple effects from the global pandemic shape the way businesses engage with customers. We discuss how these marketplace dynamics are likely to impact the holiday season that’s usually regarded as a bountiful time for businesses in “normal” years.

Now despite this being a period of contraction in many industries (such as technology who’s been in the news a lot lately), we warn that businesses should avoid cutting back too much on outbound efforts. The risk of minimal communication is–in many cases–greater than the cost to maintain some level of marketing that keeps your brand in front of existing and prospective customers.

One of the best strategies for combatting slow times is identifying more sustainable business practices. This means optimizing your revenue model to create a cash flow buffer. It also involves leveraging technologies that make the job of marketing your business more time and cost effective.

Our team’s solution, Business Intelligence, is a great place to start. We’ve designed our platform to help you easily schedule marketing content, track performance, and measure your website’s performance from a single hub. If you’d like to learn more and get started with a free account, visit:

Finally, a strategy that we come back to time and time again is getting a better grasp of your business performance by using data tracking tools like Google Analytics. Many of you may have seen the upcoming shift from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4. If you’re not familiar or if you’re not using any version of Google Analytics yet, this episode discusses how to get started with next steps. We’ll also be publishing more content on the subject soon along with a link for how to work with our team to set up next steps!

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