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Using these dispersion Photoshop actions, you can add fantastic effects to your images making them look as if they have been broken into many small pieces. Such creative edits work best for portrait, romantic, lifestyle, and sports photos. You can use the filters in Photoshop CC, as well as Ps CS 4-6 versions. All files are available in .ATN format and show amazing results when applied to RAW and JPG pictures.

How to Install and Apply Photoshop Actions

To add dispersion Photoshop actions to the program, you need to take the following steps:

  1. Open the Window Menu in Photoshop. Choose Actions from the menu.
  2. Click the Menu Icon.
  3. Scroll down to load actions.
  4. Open the Photoshop Actions Folder.
  5. Double-click the .ATN file.
  6. Click on an Action, press the Play button.

Those all actions complement images with a mind-boggling dispersion effect, they differ in terms of color, opacity, and texture. Moreover, you can customize all the filters based on your requirements.

1. Free Brush Drawing Dispersion Photoshop Actions

Breaking your photo into hundred small pieces is a breeze if you have this dispersion Photoshop action with a brush drawing effect at your disposal. The best part about this tool is that you can see the final result in just several seconds. Thus, you can turn your regular shot into a captivating art piece without much effort.

2. Free Paint Strokes Dispersion Photoshop Actions

If you want to not only split your photo into small parts, but also preserve the initial atmosphere, experiment with this action. It allows adding graceful strokes to a photo, which seem to divide the composition into small details. This action is suitable for portrait photos.

3. Dispersion Effect Photoshop Actions

This bundle consists of 3 top-notch dispersion actions and 23 bonus brushes. You can apply any dispersion action from the pack to give a classic portrait image a glamorous finishing or complement a romantic picture with creative touches. It works especially cool for studio photos with a solid background.

4. Low Poly Dispersion Photoshop Actions

The pack has tools suitable for diversifying fashion, portrait, and beauty photos. With the help of these filters, you can visually break your shot into geometric shards, resembling broken glass with geometric shapes floating off from the original photo. You can also add additional patterns and shapes if that coincides with your vision.

5. Color Double Exposure Dispersion Photoshop Actions

Using any of these 16 high-quality dispersion Photoshop actions, you can create images with unique effects and impress your followers. They allow creating a single photo that consists of several overlaid images without distinct borders. Such an effect may cause awe if you apply it to commercial, fashion, and portrait pictures.

6. Double Exposure Dispersion Photoshop Actions

You can hardly find a more suitable action if you want to make a subject of a picture stand out by breaking it into pieces. Such a modification is especially suitable if you think that your image looks uninteresting and you want to give it a dramatic mood. The collection consists of 26 actions and 13 brushes.

You can achieve the most fascinating results if you apply these dispersion Photoshop actions to photos that feature moving elements, thus, making the entire composition even more dynamic. Moreover, these filters have proven to be efficient when used for editing B&W photos, jazzing them up with swirls of moving particles.

7. Advanced Double Exposure Dispersion Photoshop Actions

Opt for this collection of actions if you want to combine several images by means of overlaying without spending many hours. You will get 7 actions and 32 brushes. Those involved in music and movie creation, should have a closer look at this pack, as having covers with a dispersion effect is a great idea. Besides, you can apply any action from the kit to portrait photos for an offbeat outcome.

8. Sandstorm Dispersion Photoshop Actions

These actions transform your pictures into mind-blowing images filled with sand and dust explosions. In total, there are 7 actions, 16 brushes, and 3 patterns for creative edits. You can use them to enhance dance shots, videos from TV shows, ballet performances, and plays. Your images will look unusual, like after complex manipulations in Photoshop.

9. Oil Painting Dispersion Photoshop Actions

This action pack is designed to turn your photos into oil paintings. The collection includes 5 actions, 20 Photoshop brushes, and 11 patterns, among which there are tools that create a dispersion effect. If you like classic art, try any dispersion action from this collection and turn your photos into eye-catching paintings.

10. Cartoon Effect Dispersion Photoshop Actions

Turning a photo into a cartoon frame is a no-brainer with this set of actions. The collection has 7 tools and 40 add-ons, using which you can create an unusual and fun dispersion effect. The stained-glass effect looks creative, so apply it to your images if you want to “divide” them into small details in one click. The result looks like a snapshot taken through a colored window.

11. Entire Collection Dispersion Photoshop Actions

This collection of 846 actions is a go-to choice for professional photographers who don’t want to spend a lot of time adding creative effects to their photos. Among the tools, you will find those that will help you effectively divide an image into geometric shapes and scattered fragments, as well as actions that quickly improve the color scheme, brighten a photo, add a vintage effect.

12. Glitch Effect Dispersion Photoshop Actions

Want to spruce up your photos with a glitch effect? Then apply these actions. There will appear stripes and colored pixels in your photo, while a sharp image will lose its shape a little. You can use these 25 actions for lifestyle, street, romantic and portrait shots.


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