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Professional portrait photographers are constantly looking for original and fast photo correction techniques. This selection of sketch actions for Photoshop will come in handy. With the help of these filters, you can make a portrait or image look as if it was drawn with a pencil, paints, or other art tools.

Apply these effects when editing pictures in Adobe Photoshop CS5 and higher, as well as Creative Cloud apps. Besides, you can improve your shots with these sketches on both desktop and mobile devices. The presets are available in the most common photography formats like JPG and RAW.

1. Free Photoshop Oil Painting Actions

You do not even need to learn how to use professional Photoshop tools, as you can process your images with these free actions that allow turning a picture into an oil painting. They reproduce the original colors of the photo and make them look natural. In the collection, you will find actions for brush drawing, digital drawing, drawing on canvas, highlighting drawing details, paint strokes, and drawing with the palette knife.

If you are a connoisseur of the art of Leonardo da Vinci, Salvador Dali, Johannes Vermeer, you can turn your images into oil paintings using this free collection. This set of filters allows selecting the type of stroke.

2. Professional Sketch Photoshop Actions

Choose these sketch actions if you want your photo to look like it was drawn by a talented artist on canvas with the help of professional materials. This bundle comprises 5 Ps actions, 18 brushes, and 15 patterns for shooters who want to get natural-looking pictures. Apply these actions to your photos to add bright and clear strokes or shading while preserving the original colors.

The filters will create beautiful transitions and interesting combinations of light and dark areas. It will allow you to add some depth and volume to your photos. Use the presets from this bundle to imitate the painting technique of such well-known artists as Adonna Khare with just several mouse clicks.

3. Entire Photoshop Actions Collection

This bundle of actions includes different sets of original image effects. Apply these filters to add hand-drawn elements to your images. These actions add a bit of grain and create a canvas effect on the background. After applying these filters, you will notice that the sketching effect is not so obvious. However, if you need to get this light effect and are going to use other actions for processing your images, this collection is what you are looking for.

Such world-famous shooters as Sebastian Del Grosso, Gemmy Woud-Binnendijk, and Joy Celine Asto actively use similar options for enhancing their works. Experiment with actions from this bundle to create your own style.

4. Oil Painting Photoshop Actions 

This bundle is the best choice for photographers who are fond of vintage and old-style photos. The collection contains five impressive sets of actions with amazing textures. These filters produce a distinct brushstroke effect with heavy use of oil paints. Here you can choose different textures, for example, with the effect of a pattern on a cracked wall or canvas. They are great for processing the background, especially if it is flat and solid.

Matthew Brandt prefers this style of picture processing producing stunning vintage compositions. If you are fond of the original style of this photographer, do not hesitate and use the actions from this bundle.

5. Cartoon Effect Photoshop Actions

If you want to create a cartoon-like effect, download this bundle. It comprises seven drawing effects, that imitate different drawing materials. The collection will come in handy if you are looking for the most functional tools for achieving mosaic, pixelated, grain, and similar image effects. Some sets of filters will help you achieve the classic sketching effect.

Take a look at Jimy Olsen’s work if you are looking for a source of inspiration. With these sketch actions, you will make your pictures look similar to Olsen’s works in just several mouse clicks.

6. Pop Art Photoshop Actions

Choose these filters if you are looking for the most effective ways of turning your portrait images into bright pop-art compositions. Use this collection for adding sketching details to your pictures. Sharp hand-drawn lines and contrasting colors will make your shots more eye-catching. You can use these effects for a variety of artistic, personal, or even commercial purposes. In addition, you can use these sketch actions to add bright captions to pictures and original texture effects that will definitely make your photos stand out among the works of other photographers.

If you like Andy Warhol’s art, choose this bundle of pop-art actions. Besides, you can draw some inspiration from Roy Lichtenstein, Eduardo Paolozzi, and others.

7. Glitch Effect Photoshop Actions

Although these presets weren’t specifically designed for achieving a sketching effect, they can help you achieve a similar look. With them, you can enhance the background, making it more voluminous. In addition, the bundles imitate brush strokes, blending the colors in the photo. Also, these actions create a shading effect.

8. VHS Photoshop Actions

Apply several sketch actions from this collection to make the backdrop look like it was drawn manually. They can help you make your pictures look blurry. To create a vivid sketching effect, you need to combine them with other actions. Use these filters to make images more creative and turn them into sketches.


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