4 Reasons Why Client Reports Make Flywheel the Best WordPress Hosting Solution

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At W.D. Strategies, we’re all about helping our clients build their brands in the ways that work best for them. No matter what platforms you’re comfortable working with, our expert team can lend a helping hand. And when it comes to building sites through WordPress, we believe that using Flywheel as a hosting platform is the best way to go. That’s why we frequently use Flywheel to develop websites for our clients that work with WordPress.


Flywheel’s consistent high-speed performance, stellar customer support team, and unparalleled access to intelligence are just a few of the things that make them our number one choice for our clients that request WordPress sites.

In addition to a range of other helpful features, Flywheel now offers Client Reports through their Growth Suite plan, which allows users to view and deliver helpful insights on their business’s website. Below, we’ll dive into four reasons why Flywheel’s client reports through Growth Suite help make them our top choice when developing on WordPress.

DISCLAIMER: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with the Flywheel Team. That said, Flywheel has always been the preferred WordPress hosting platform for our team, and we’re excited to share their new update with you!

What are Flywheel’s Client Reports?

Growth Suite is Flywheel’s all-in-one solution for digital service providers looking to grow their business. One of the platform’s most helpful features is its branded client reports.

These client reports make it easy for agency owners and other digital service providers to display their success and emphasize their value to current and potential clients–all in one simple, beautifully-branded package. Here are four reasons we believe it’s the best WordPress hosting solution available:

1. Easily track plugin status

No matter what sort of business you run–but especially when you have clients expecting you to consistently deliver high-quality services–it’s always important to ensure your website is up to date and functioning at peak capacity. Flywheel makes this possible by allowing you to easily track the plugin status, so you can always stay on top of things and catch any issues as soon as possible.

2. High-level analysis of Google Analytics

Flywheel allows you to dig deeper into your website’s insights. With Growth Suite’s high-level analysis of Google Analytics, you’ll be able to receive reports analyzing valuable data like your website’s traffic, speed, and demographic info. That way, you can make better, more educated decisions when it comes to your strategy and services based on the areas that are working the best and those that could be improved.

3. Security updates

Online security is crucial when it comes to running a successful online business. A good hosting platform should always be taking the necessary precautions to protect your website from malware, hackers, and cyber thieves. That’s why Flywheel stays on top of it all with regular security updates. With security services including data encryption, encrypted communication, two-factor authentication, and standardized updates to both software and hardware, Flywheel ensures your data stays safe, so you can have peace of mind while you focus on delivering your top-notch services to clients. With Client Reports, you’ll regularly receive summarized reports of these updates.

4. Conversion tracking

In order to optimize your digital campaigns and grow your business, it’s essential to understand which campaigns and workflows and working the best. Luckily, Flywheel provides conversion tracking through Growth Suite. That means you’ll be able to see exactly how customers interact with your ads and which campaigns are the most effective. This feature helps digital service providers make effective, data-driven decisions in order to bring in even more traffic, clients, and revenue.

Choose Growth Suite to watch your business flourish

At W.D. Strategies, we trust Flywheel to help us develop a number of websites, and there are additional benefits if you are a service provider like us.

While Client Reports are one great feature of Flywheel’s services, there’s a lot more to benefit from. Flywheel’s Growth Suite is a hosting plan that is packed with features including subscription billing, client management, and client reports, all working together to help you grow your agency.

Get Started with Flywheel’s Growth Suite Today

If you’re a business that’s looking to grow its digital footprint and would like help building your WordPress website, we can support you and provide Client Reports when we do. Contact us today to learn more about what WD Strategies can do for you!

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